Biochemica statement in response to SSI Steelworks closure

Worker welding steel

“The news of the closure to the coke ovens and blast furnace at SSI steelworks is devastating. Although Biochemica is not directly affected by this decision, we work with multiple steel producers across the UK and the supply chain and can understand the distress that the thousands of employees face, not to mention the local economy and communities which will encounter uncertainty over the coming months.

“Biochemica was formed in Teesside, where we continue to hold our headquarters so a large proportion of our staff are local to the area. Almost all of us have a connection to the steel production heritage Teesside has been proud to be part of and know someone or another local business that will suffer as a result of the closure. Personally, my own grandparents worked at the plant as well as other family members so this news is extremely upsetting.

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