Commodity contract

Biochemica has been awarded a contract to supply commodity chemicals to a large multi-national based in the UK.

“We are constantly adding to our range of chemical products which has subsequently increased our capabilities beyond our core business of water treatment. This recent supply agreement for products such as phosphoric acid, sodium hypochlorite, acids and caustic illustrates our ability to offer a competitive pricing structure from bulk to small pack sizes,” commented Dave Ruddy of Biochemica.

Chemical supply award

Biochemica has been successful in winning a supply contract for chemical products to councils across England.

“Biochemica supplies a wide range of chemicals, outside of our core business area of water treatment. Our buying power allows us to maximise the best pricing of chemicals from around the world,” commented Dave Ruddy. He added: “Our ever growing portfolio of chemical products has allowed us to move into many different industry sectors, some of which dove-tail with water treatment while others are new, stand alone ventures. Biochemica’s ability to provide complete water management is also now allowing us to become complete chemical providers for industry.”

Biochemica race day raises funds for charity

Biochemica UK Ltd invited a number of customers and key industrial partners to a race day event, raising money for a local North East charity in the process.

“We were delighted that so many of our customers and industrial partners made the effort to attend our race day. A great deal of organising was required but it turned out to be a tremendous success and raised some money for Teesside Hospice as a result,” commented Louise Learman of Biochemica. “I would like to thank everyone for their generosity and we hope to see them all again at next year’s event.”

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Legionella training services

Biochemica offers a range of Legionella Awareness training courses to suit all aspects of industry. From office blocks to heavy industry, Biochemica will tailor a package specifically for you!

Our Legionella Control Association (LCA) registered training courses have been well received over the years and across the varied spectrum of industries we serve. From basic awareness courses to more advanced sessions, Biochemica has the skilled personnel to deliver each session in a concise and informative manner.

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Group contract award

Biochemica will manage the Legionella services across all UK sites for a leading global packaging company.

Services will include monthly temperature monitoring, Legionella risk assessments, remedial works and training. The deal brings together all of the company’s UK sites across Scotland, Wales and England.

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Automotive success

Biochemica’s ability to provide an all encompassing approach to water management has resulted in additional business in the automotive sector.

The main services provided are cooling water treatment, wastewater treatment, Legionella services and engineering support, amongst others. This combination, in conjunciton with Biochemica’s proven track record using this approach, was key in winning the contract.

Dairy success

Biochemica has been asked to help reduce sludge disposal costs at a large dairy site. The cost savings were two fold; reduction in tankering costs and improved centrifuge/decanter performance, through reduced polymer consumption.

Following polymer screening for the centrifuge application, the best product was chosen and run on a large scale trial. Dry solids improved by 10% and polymer consumption was reduced over the incumbent product.

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Foam busting

Biochemica has an extensive range of antifoams and defoamers at their disposal which have been utilised to solve some foaming issues across a variety of industries.

Foam can cause serious issues to an industrial process as well as generally being unsightly. A recent case at a food processor had flooding issues as a direct result of foam. The application of the right product implemented by Biochemica prevented false readings from ultra sonic level probes.

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Biochemica continues to expand

Biochemica UK Ltd has continued to grow in key business areas as well as develop within new markets as part of its business development model.

As a result, Biochemica has boosted its team with a number of new appointments and substantially increased its office space in order to accommodate for this growth and to allow for further development.

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Pharma water treatment

Biochemica UK Ltd operates all over the UK and has continued to add to its Scotland customer base with significant new business, which has converted over the past 12 months.

Biochemica has recently added to its increasing client portfolio within the pharmaceutical sector by securing new accounts in Scotland. Of note is a three year deal to manage all water treatment and associated engineering works for a large pharamceutical company.

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