Celebrating Sustainable Technology on World Environment Day!

To mark World Environment Day on June 5th, Biochemica UK Ltd, based in Billingham, was proud to announce their partnership with Bio-Circle to provide groundbreaking surface technology solutions to businesses UK-wide. The new technology is set revolutionise the way in which parts are cleaned, increasing efficiency and lowering costs while being kind to the environment.

Bio-Circle facilitates easy and safe parts cleaning through water-based cleaning with natural microorganisms, without solvents or cold cleaners cleaning effectively. This means minimal impact on our environment and a significant reduction of risk and discomfort to the user.

The new cleaning technology is the first of its kind. “We’re proud to support such a game-changing solution in the UK”, says Tony Stubbs, Technical Sales Consultant at Biochemica. “World Environment Day is a brilliant time to officially announce our partnership, we’re excited to be part of the Bio-Circle revolution and look forward to working with businesses across the nation to make a real difference to their working practices”

The driving force behind the creation of Bio-Circle was the need to eliminate solvents emitting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the parts cleaning process, replacing them instead with VOC-free products, reducing waste, health hazards and operating costs while increasing productivity.

Though officially announced this week, Bio-Circle has been in soft-launch with Biochemica since October 2015, and it’s already making a difference. Michael O’Hare, of Tomlinson Hall Ltd, has recently implemented the technology and has been amazed by the results. “Jonathan, our maintenance technician, was really happy with the Bio-Circle parts cleaner and technology, when can we start leasing one!”

Bio-Circle is the latest addition to the Biochemica UK Ltd range as part of their wider 2016 focus on helping eliminate waste in both their own business and other businesses, ensuring that UK industry can run more efficiently and competitively.