Biochemica increases food sector business

Biochemica UK Ltd has been successful in adding to its portfolio of waste water treatment clients within the food sector.

This financial year has seen more new customers benefit from Biochemica’s technical capabilities in this sector, yielding process improvements and ultimately enabling companies to make cost savings. Increased water costs has been the driver for the necessity to recycle and reuse treated water back into processes associated with the industry.

Biochemica has been able to assist with technical input into plant design or upgrades for the purpose of water recycling, as well as effective chemical treatment programmes from coagulant and polymers to final water disinfection plant and chemicals.

Recent new business has also included sludge dewatering to reduce disposal costs. Depending on the process, some treated solids have the potential to be used as a substrate in other off site industries, thereby transforming a disposal cost into a cost neutral, or even income generating ‘process byproduct’.