ISO 14001

Biochemica UK Ltd has been awarded ISO 14001 status.

Commenting on how the new accreditation will benefit Biochemica, Andrea Linton-Lennon, Quality Manager said: “ISO 14001 shows that we have made a commitment to improving the environment wherever possible and strive to continue this quest as part of an ongoing and audited process”.

“The benefits of increased recycling in our offices, and throughout our general business activities helps reduce our dependency on landfill and our newly implemented car share/fuel efficiency methods also help to minimise our environmental impact, as well reduce operational costs.

“Small changes such as purchasing environmentally friendly products can make a huge impact upon helping to save our environment. We continue to monitor our impact via regular meetings and audits – both internally and externally.

“In terms of how our customers also benefit from the ISO 14001 management systems, the ISO 14001 accreditation highlights Biochemica’s commitment to our environment and therefore our customers’ – both locally and globally. The recent ISO 14001 sits along side our ISO 9001and Legionella Control Association (LCA) accreditations. The ISO logo is instantly recognisable and synonymous with the highest of management practices.”