Heavy metal removal

Biochemica UK Ltd has successfully completed test work and a scaled-up trial for heavy metal removal.

Chromium was of particular interest as the site was regularly failing to meet its consent to discharge which ranged from 4mg/l to 40mg/l. The consent was 5mg/l. Biochemica performed a number of tests and approaches in order to help keep the site within specification, which produced promising test results – reducing chromium from 34mg/l to 0.7mg/l.

Dave Ruddy of Biochemica said: “The on-site scale trial reduced chromium from 9.6mg/l to 0.1mg/l, illustrating the consistency in performance of Biochemica’s approach.

“In addition, other parameters such as COD and TSS were also dramatically improved, with COD reductions of up to 75%. The TSS was reduced by 99% which has resulted in great potential savings in disharge costs for site. The next stage is to provide site with a turnkey plant installation with a view to achieving the results demonstrated in the test work and trial.”