Biochemica boiler treatment

Biochemica was invited by GPTL to examine a problem boiler which had been reported to be very corrosive and was impacting on the condensate. A high level of sludge in the boiler was also reported.

After an investigation of the water chemistry Biochemica discovered that the low pH in the condensate was contributing towards corrosion and as a result iron levels were recorded at over 100mg/l. Also, the level of oxygen scavenger in the boiler was inadequately controlled which contributed towards the boiler’s poor condition.

Biochemica quickly improved the current chemical dosing programme and added an amine to the feedwater to help maintain pH and altered the oxygen scavenger dosing to reduce boiler corrosion.
As a result of these actions and a new chemical treatment regime, iron levels were reduced from over 100mg/l to 1.2mg/l, which is being reduced further as part of our continual involvement. As can be seen, after a matter of a week the condition of the boiler improved from an iron rich red to a clear water with the correct application of knowledge and chemistry.

Dave Ruddy of Biochemica said: “Biochemica strives to get results within a week of taking on new customers and always maintain this level of excellent service.”

The site Engineering Manager commented: “By displaying a proactive approach to problem solving Biochemica quickly resolved problems with the treatment of the Boiler water feed saving GPTL significant ongoing costs and potential downtime. This proactive approach is typical of the culture evident in Biochemica as a company and of the individuals who form their management team”