Combating swine flu – Chlorine Dioxide – A weapon against the spread of swine flu

The World Health Organisation has now designated swine flu as a global pandemic and consequently Biochemica recommends the use of chlorine dioxide treatment in water supplies as an effective agent against the spread of the virus.

Based on the work of scientists in both Japan and the USA, Biochemica is confident that hand washing in water treated with chlorine dioxide (ClO2) will help prevent the person to person spread of the H1N1 virus.

Chlorine dioxide will also deactivate the virus on contaminated surfaces. The numbers effected will escalate sharply in the months ahead and the unfortunate trend is that generally young adults are infected as well as the elderly and infirm. But anyone that is immunosuppressed is particularly at risk. Biochemica has traditionally used chlorine dioxide as an effective treatment against legionella and e-coli in water supplies. However, the additional power of chlorine dioxide against the latest strain of flu virus has been highlighted by work of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Taiko Pharmaceutical Co. Research Institute in Osaka, Japan which shows how it attacks the proteins essential for the spread of flu viruses generally. Installation and running of a chlorine dioxide generation is simple. It is safely generated on site and dosed into the water supply.

The EEC Drinking Water Inspectorate Guidelines deem chlorine dioxide fit for consumption at levels up to but no greater than 0.5ppm. Should you wish to obtain further guidance or are interested in an installation contact