Heavy metal removal

Biochemica UK Ltd has successfully completed test work and a scaled-up trial for heavy metal removal.

Chromium was of particular interest as the site was regularly failing to meet its consent to discharge which ranged from 4mg/l to 40mg/l. The consent was 5mg/l. Biochemica performed a number of tests and approaches in order to help keep the site within specification, which produced promising test results – reducing chromium from 34mg/l to 0.7mg/l.

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Wastewater recycling plant

Biochemica UK Ltd has successfully installed a water treatment plant at a stone cutting facility that cuts and polishes high end stone products. Prior to installing the plant, the trade effluent was high in suspended solids and mains water usage was high.

The aim was twofold: to reduce costs by minimising mains water usage through process water recycling; and provide water to a suitable standard for process cooling.

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Effluent treatment upgrade

Biochemica has recently completed a project to improve a waste water treatment process at a potato washing facility.

Previously, waste water from the process was settled out with limited success in a series of lagoons but was often out of consent and the proportion re-used for washing was poor. Based around the current system, Biochemica installed a chemical dosing system to improve settling and performance.

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Quality first – ISO 9001:2008 accreditation

Biochemica has always striven to provide a quality service to each of its clients and this has been substantiated through our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. Dave Ruddy of Biochemica commented, “Everyone at Biochemica is committed towards maintaining, and continually improving our quality management systems, in order to deliver the best possible service to our clients. This accreditation is affirmation of our approach towards interpreting and satisfying our customer requirements and also complements our LCA [Legionella Control Association] systems.”

Biochemica boiler treatment

Biochemica was invited by GPTL to examine a problem boiler which had been reported to be very corrosive and was impacting on the condensate. A high level of sludge in the boiler was also reported.

After an investigation of the water chemistry Biochemica discovered that the low pH in the condensate was contributing towards corrosion and as a result iron levels were recorded at over 100mg/l. Also, the level of oxygen scavenger in the boiler was inadequately controlled which contributed towards the boiler’s poor condition.

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Biochemica receives excellent customer feedback

Biochemica UK Ltd recently re-evaluated a polymer dosing application. Following test work and listening to our client’s requierments, the water treatment chemistry was changed and recommendations put forward to improve the process.

The site manager contacted Biochemica to provide feedback on the changes, commenting: “I just wanted to write a short note to yourself to thank you and your company for improving our flocculant system and supplying us with a product that far exceeds our previous supplier.

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Combating swine flu – Chlorine Dioxide – A weapon against the spread of swine flu

The World Health Organisation has now designated swine flu as a global pandemic and consequently Biochemica recommends the use of chlorine dioxide treatment in water supplies as an effective agent against the spread of the virus.

Based on the work of scientists in both Japan and the USA, Biochemica is confident that hand washing in water treated with chlorine dioxide (ClO2) will help prevent the person to person spread of the H1N1 virus.

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A cool response

Biochemica was contacted regarding rapidly rising temperatures on a chilled system, imperative to the operation of an important plant process.

The critical temperature of >50C had been reached and as a result was close to causing a full plant shutdown.

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Biochemica secures industrial contract

Biochemica UK Ltd has been awarded a new water treatment contract to provide services to a leading multi-national parts manufacturer for the automotive and heavy industry sector.

Dave Ruddy of Biochemica said: “The total water management approach at this site, as with others, requires us to be active across all aspects of water treatment, from site risk assessments, boiler treatment to specialised cleaning chemicals. Improvements have been made across the board to optimise systems yielding cost reductions and better maintained processes for our client.”

Long term contract at leading packaging company

Biochemica UK Ltd has been awarded a five year contract to provide water treatment and associated services at a leading global packaging company. The deal with the packaging giant increases Biochemica UK Ltd’s presence in this sector and confirms their relationship with this industry leader.

Dave Ruddy of Biochemica commented: “This long term deal is good for both parties concerned. It cements our relationship with our client and also provides the security of our ongoing technical input into total water management, engineering projects and consultancy. We also believe it is further testament to the high quality products, solutions and services Biochemica provides to all of our clients in the area of water treatment.”

Biochemica completes water recycling project for food company

Biochemica has successfully completed a turnkey project allowing treated water to be recovered and reused back into the factory process at a leading food company.

The project was split over three stages; an initial design stage, fabrication and installation stage. After the design stage, an existing tank was altered to make it fit for water storage and an appropriate biocide system installed.

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Deal extended

Biochemica UK Ltd has been awarded a long term extension to their existing contract, managing all aspects of water treatment at a leading UK based company. The deal covers water treatment for on site cooling towers and their maintenance as well as the servicing of associated dosing equipment.

Also included is the treatment of all waste water, with Biochemica providing chemicals, equipment and ongoing technical advice. “The extension of this contract, and indeed it’s increased term, illustrates the benefit we can bring to a site through our total water management approach.

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Legionella Control Association (LCA) registration

Biochemica UK Ltd has been accepted into the Legionella Control Association (LCA) with registration under the following categories; risk assessment, cleaning and disinfection, plant and equipment supply and refurbishment, chemical water treatment services, hot and cold water monitoring and inspection services and analytical services.

David Ruddy of Biochemica UK Ltd said: “Biochemica aims to provide the highest possible standards in our services provided for the control of Legionella in water systems. By meeting the criteria required for registration into the LCA, our auditable management procedures and systems for water treatment continue to be to the utmost standard.”